Turbo Charger Services

We specialise in providing turbocharger services, reconditioning and repairs to the marine and power industries. Our qualified and experienced engineers service all turbo chargers.

Nouum Engineering (Pty) Ltd is specializing in turbocharger service, reconditioning, and repair in South Africa. The company provides marine product users and stationary power plants with qualified and experienced OEM factory-trained service engineers and technicians who repair and overhaul METurbo, KBB Turbochargers, PBSturbo, and other turbocharger.

The Nouum Engineering (Pty) Ltd Turbocharger Service advantages:

    - Services for all makes and models of turbochargers
    - Factory-trained technicians
    - Reconditioning
    - OEM specifications
    - 24/7 emergency services
    - Technical support

    - Turbocharger sales and support
    - Turbocharger repair and maintenance
    - Turbocharger retrofits
    - Turbocharger spare parts