Certified & Licensed Diesel Engine Services for Marine, Power, locomotive & Diesel Generators

We are here for our customers every step of the way, dedicated to providing quality workmanship, service and parts for diesel engines and turbines in any application.

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Repairs, rebuilding and maintenance can be completed by us either onsite or at our fully equipped workshops and diagnostic facilities. Our extensive new sales, after-sales services and training are available to further support you.
Engine and equipment are maintained with precision at Nouum Engineering.
Diesel & Gas Engines

We service diesel engines of all types and applications, locomotive engines, as well as stationary power equipment/diesel generator engines at diesel-powered plants.

Experienced employees at Nouum Engineering are repairing a turbocharger.

Our qualified and experienced engineers service, recondition and repair all turbo-chargers in the marine and power industries via our partner Majestic Engineering

Nouum Engineering's auxiliary equipment includes coolers, pumps, and regulators.
Auxiliary Equipment
We can service your complete range of equipment including everything around your main and auxiliary engines like coolers, pumps, regulators etc.
An infographic highlighting Nouum Engineering's automation process includes delivery, installation, and maintenance.
We deliver and install new systems to any size and provide maintenance (dependent on accessibility due to OEM’s rights) as well the aftersales service and troubleshooting.
Engines and equipment are ready for servicing at Nouum Engineering.

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  • Accredited, Quality Work
  • Global Capability through Partner Network
  • 24/7 Operations

Rated Excellent (50+ Reviews)

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  • International Standards
  • All jobs are covered by a warranty & insurance, on high-risk jobs larger cover can be arranged
  • Reliable & Transparent

Rated Excellent (50+ Reviews)
An engine is being serviced by Nouum Engineering.

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An image displays a precisely crafted engine part at Nouum Engineering.
Close-up view of an engine serviced by Nouum Engineering
A well-designed grey engine reflects quality engineering.
A set of engine spare parts is available at Nouum Engineering.

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Frequently asked questions

Nouum Engineering provides turnkey solutions for the Marine, Power and Rail industries.
Yes, Nouum offers insurance on high-risk jobs so our customers never have to worry about paying the price for faulty parts down the line.
Yes, we can do retrofits on older engines.