Diesel Engine Services

We service marine diesel engines of all vessel types and applications. Nouum is also a trusted service partner for stationary power equipment at diesel powered plants.

Nouum Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a highly experienced service partner for the Maritime, Offshore, and Power Generating industries.

We regularly service marine diesel engines of various vessel types such as Commercial, Pleasure Craft or Government applications. Nouum Engineering (Pty) Ltd is also a trusted service partner for stationary power equipment at Diesel powered plants. Please contact us with any requests.

Our work shop facility is well known for its workmanship and dedication to 24/7 customer service. We provide the latest in advanced machining and grinding and other computerized equipment to accurately and efficiently machine cylinder heads, cylinder liners, and landing surfaces.

Nouum Engineering (Pty) Ltd reconditioned exchange components are a time saving and cost effective alternative to purchasing new. Nouum Engineering (Pty) Ltd can take care of your welding, fabricating, and assembly needs.

1. Automation and electrical support
Nouum Engineering (Pty) Ltd provides electrical on-board equipment services as a component of the turnkey services package for the maritime industry. We place a great deal of emphasis on meeting customers' requirements, and providing rapid delivery of services at competitive prices.

2. Mechanical repair and maintenance
    2.1 Reconditioning service
         - Cylinder heads and liners
         - Exhaust valve assembly
         - Fuel equipment – pumps, pipes, injectors
         - Lube oil and water pumps
         - Pistons and connecting rods
         - Rocker gears and vibration dampers
         - Air starters
         - Seawater pumps
         - Bilge pumps
         - Pneumatic systems

    2.2 Machining
         - Customized and emergency repair solutions
         - In-place honing of liners and grinding of tablatures
         - Polishing of crankshaft journals and engine block machining
         - Precision horizontal boring and milling

    2.3 Exchange program
         - Cylinder heads
         - Exhaust valve assembly
         - Fuel equipment – pumps, pipes, injectors
         - Water pumps

    2.4 Shaft and Bore alignment
         - Auxiliary engines alignment to generators
         - Main engine to Gearbox alignment and or Propeller shaft
         - Gear box alignment to PTO shaft
         - Intermediate shaft alignment to pedestal bearing assemblies
         - Main journal bore alignment to bed plate and/or A-frame

    2.5 Field Service
         - Emergency Diesel Engine Services
         - Diagnose, troubleshoot and disassemble diesel engines
         - Repair or replace components

    2.6 On site/In-situ repairs
         - On-site Crankshaft Repairs
         - Mobile Machining
         - Milling / Boring / Facing work

3. On-site/In-situ
We provide On Site 24/7 and Emergency Service Repairs for Marine and Stationary, Power, Oil, Mining, Water Power and Gas Turbine industries.
Our partner, Carl Baguhn has been providing in-situ services around the world for many decades. From Europe, Africa and Asia to Australia and the Americas – no distance is too great for our service teams. All year round, seven days a week, our mobile services are deployed from Hamburg to a wide range of vessels and industries: ferries, cruise ships, container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, navy vessels, reefer ships, fishing trawlers, oil rigs, oil fabrication vessels, power stations at sea and on land, refineries, paper/fish/can factories and the offshore industry (for which technicians have the relevant safety qualifications).

4. None Destructive Testing (NDT)
Nouum provides NDT testing of the spare parts in the workshop to ensure all parts leaving are quality controlled and safe to use.

5. Performance tests and consultation
Is your engine not working satisfactory? We analyse your engine and provide a health check and give you quality feedback with recommendations to bring it back to standard and reliable operation.